Race history

Legend of the Race

Volga is the great transport artery.

Long time ago, when the map of the world was covered by a lot of white spots, when Grand Dukes wisely governed Slavic tribes, the Great Volga Route passed along the river Volga from south to north.  Caravans of goods overcame this way from tropical countries. Scandinavians have used this way in the opposite direction from the north to the southern lands. And the name of this path is "from the Varangians to the Persians." The Zhiguli Mountains saw floating vessels and caravans of camels, horses and even sledges with harnessed dogs in which fishermen dragged the fish to the cart. A lot of people dwelt on the coasts of the Great River to conduct merchantry. The fame of water and ice ways of the Volga, of the powerful state of Volga Bulgaria, of freemen Stepan Razin and of toil of burlaks lives through the centuries. A lot of legends were told to the descendants who were born on the Volga expanses.

The annual International Sled Dog Race "Volga Quest” is dedicated to the memory of the glorious past.  It goes through the ice routes from south to north, through 10 towns and cities of the Volga region, with the participation of the best mushers in Russia and abroad. Race unites the peoples, traditions, dreams and the historical facts of the three regions of the Volga: Samara Oblast, Ulyanovsk Oblast and the Republic of Tatarstan.

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