Statement 2015

statement of the international sled dog race "volga quest 2015"

1. organizers of the race

Organizational Committee of “Volga Quest”


Svetlana Semenova (Экспедиционный корпус «Серебро Севера»)

Bank AVB
Arthur Chubarkin

With the official backing of:

Administration of Samara region

Government of Togliatti

Administration of Ulyanovsk region

Administration of Republic of Tatarstan

National Park “Samara Bend”

Zhiguli Biosphere Reserve

Rules, Race marshal: 

The race is held in accordance with the rules of "Volga Quest 2015", which correspond to the international practice of sled dog sport.

Race marshal – Sergey Sobov

2. goals and objectives

• Development of sled dog sport

• Promotion of mass sports

• Development of long-distance races in Russia

• Increase of the interest in physical fitness and healthy lifestyle

• Identifying the strongest sportsmen

• Attracting the international attention and enhancing the role of the Russian sports

• Strengthening of the international and regional cooperation

• Raising awareness of the public, including international, in the process of preserving the unique cultures of the Volga region

• Creating a positive image of the Volga

• Development and improvement of tourism infrastructure in the regions

• Development of caring attitudes to nature and animals

3. place and date of the race


Russia, Samara region, Togliatti
Intermediate finish:
Russia, Ulyanovsk region, Ulyanovsk

Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan

4. distances, classes

The race is held on two independent distances - 230 and 500 kilometers. Initially, the musher can participate only in one of the distances and in one of the classes. The transition from one distance to another, from one class to another during the race is prohibited.

The maximum amount of dogs in the sled is 12 dogs, the minimum – 8 dogs on the start of the main part of race. Upon crossing the finish line musher must have at least 6 dogs in sled. 

In the category "Middle Volga" (230 kilometers) the maximum amount of dogs - 8 dogs, the minimum - 7 dogs in sled on the start. Upon crossing the finish line musher must have at least 5 dogs in sled. Amount of dogs in sled is considered as the number of dogs harnessed at the moment.

5. dogs

Dogs of any breed and without breed can participate in the competition.

All dogs must have a certificate Ф-1 and veterinary passport with stamps of current vaccinations for the entire period of the event.

The minimum age to participate in any of the distances - 18 months.

All dogs participating in the race should be microchipped. Numbers and letters of the microchip must be coincide with the name of the dog in the application form.

Regulation of the the care of dogs (feeding, housing, etc.) are specified in the rules of the race "Volga Quest 2015".

Removing tired or injured dog can be at the finish / start of any stage or at any equipped check-point.

6. regulations of the passing the trail

The first part of the race is the same for members of 230 and 500 km, with the only difference – for members of 230 km is it complete competition, and for the members of the full race it is the first stage of the competition.

The race will take place on February 7 at 10.00 in Togliatti.

Starting order:

- Teams of 6-8 dogs

- Teams of 8-12 dogs

This procedure is relevant only for the first stage of the race. On all subsequent stages start is given first for teams of 8-12 dogs, then for teams of 6-8 dogs.

Start is separate. The start interval at all stages - 2 minutes.

It will be introduced a small time interval between classes which depends on the total number of participants.

The starting order (within the class of the first stage) is determined by drawing lots. At subsequent stages the starting order is determined by the results of the previous stage, when the musher, who showed the worst time, starts first, and the musher, who showed the best time, starts last.

- 07 February 2015, 10.00 a.m. Stage 1

Togliatti – Uslada (30 km)

- 07 February 2015, 4.00 p.m. Stage 2

Uslada – Sosnoviy Solonets (33 km)

- 08 February 2015, 10.00 a.m. Stage 3

Sosnoviy Solonets – Shiryaevo (80 km)

- 09 February 2015, 10.00 a.m. Stage 4

Shiryaevo – Uslada (82 km). The finish of “Middle Volga” trail

- 10 February. The rest day. Rewarding the winners of the category “Middle Volga”

Please note that any allowed help from official handlers is possible in this part of the race on any start and finish. Handlers bring and pass necessary things on their own.

- 11 February, 9.00 a.m. Start of the second part of the race "Volga Quest."

Mushers start with those time intervals which were formed during the first part of the race.

Participants are responsible for choosing the regulation of movement of their teams. The trail runs through the appointed check-points: Russkaya Bektyashka, Ulyanovsk, Staraya Maina and Bulgar. In addition, the trail will be equipped with small check-points for controlling the movement of teams. Moreover, musher is obliged to stop for 12 hours on one of the big check-points (Russkaya Bektyashka, Ulyanovsk, Staraya Maina).

The distance between the check-point in the second part of the race:

Uslada - Russkaya Bektyashka (76 km)

Russkaya Bektyashka – Ulyanovsk (75 km)

Ulyanovsk - Staraya Maina (69 km)

Staraya Maina – Bulgar (57 km)

Then mushers and teams move to Sviyazhsk by vehicles.

Ceremonial finish

Sviyazhsk - Kazan (30 km)

There will be awarding in Kazan on the day of the ceremonial finish of the race.

On this part of the race official help of handlers is allowed only on a 12-hour stop. If necessary, the organizers assist in delivery of necessary things, equipment and food on a 12-hour rest. In this case (when required) the participant is obliged to inform the organizers about it no later than 9:00 am on February 11.

If musher makes a smaller or just an extra stop at the check-point, official help of handlers is prohibited.

7. rewarding

The prize fund is given to the mushers at the end of the race and is counted in accordance with the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. The prize fund is distributed as follows (the amount in brackets exclude taxes):

1. 261 000 rub. (300 000 rub.)

2. 174 000 rub. (200 000 rub.)

3. 87 000 rub. (100 000 rub.)

4. 43 500 rub. (50 000 rub.)

5. 34 400 rub. (40 000 rub.)

6. 26 100 rub. (30 000 rub.)

7. 13 050 rub. (15 000 rub.)

8. 8 700 rub. (10 000 rub.)

9. 8 700 rub. (10 000 rub.)

10. 8 700 rub. (10 000 rub.)

11. 8 700 rub. (10 000 rub.)

12. 8 700 rub. (10 000 rub.)

13. 8 700 rub. (10 000 rub.)

14. 8 700 rub. (10 000 rub.)

15. 8 700 rub. (10 000 rub.)

16. 8 700 rub. (10 000 rub.)

17. 8 700 rub. (10 000 rub.)

18. 8 700 rub. (10 000 rub.)

Mushers are awarded medals, certificates, cash and prizes from sponsors and government of Samara and Ulyanovsk regions, and the Republic of Tatarstan. The Prize fund will be provided by sponsors and government of Samara and Ulyanovsk regions, and the Republic of Tatarstan.

Rewarding will be held February 15, 2015 at a private banquet after finish of the race.

If the musher is absent on the banquet, he lose the right to take a cash prize.

Best care of dogs — award from vets race;
Sports Honor — awarded to the musher chosen by the participants;
Spirit of the North — is awarded to the rider selected MJC and veterinarians;
Golden Harness — awarded to the lead dog winning the race;
Middle Volga — awarded to the musher 1st, passed half of the race;
Audience Award — awarded to the musher selected by fans;
Person of the Race — awarded to the musher selected by media.

8. ensuring the safety of participants and spectators and trail marking

Competition venue determined by the organizing committee of the International Sled Dog Race “Volga Quest”, the executive authorities of the Russian Federation in the field of tourism, physical culture and sports Samara and Ulyanovsk regions and the Republic of Tatarstan and the Sled dog Federation of Togliatti and must comply with the relevant regulations, operating in the territory of the Russian Federation to ensure public order and safety of participants and spectators.

The trail of the International sled dog race “Volga Quest” will be marked by wands with reflectors and direction signs, red ribbons.

9. insurance

Participation in the International Sled Dog Race “Volga Quest” is only in the presence of the contract (the original) on insurance: accident, life and health, which is given to credentials committee. Insurance can be made at the expense of personal and sponsorship funds in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation and foreign states

10. financial terms of the competition

The organizational committee of the International sled dog race “Volga Quest 2015”, the executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation in the field of tourism, physical culture and sports of Samara  and Ulyanovsk regions and Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation of sled dog sports provide equity in funding competitions by agreement.

11. other statements

The Organizational Committee has the right to make adjustments related to changes in Statement notifying the participants before this.

12. application form

The participants arrived at the International dog sled race "Volga Quest" must submit to the Credentials Committee:

- application form;

- veterinary certificate (original);

- passport (original) on each dog;

- insurance;

Application form attached to the Regulations.

The organizational committee has the right to reject an application of musher without explanation. Preliminary applications for participation in the competition should be sent the Organizational  Committee before 01.25.2015 at:

445021, Russia, Samara region, Togliatti, st. Golosova, h. 30, of. 3.

Tel .: (8482) 607 551, fax: 607 444



You can download the application form here

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